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In the beginning most of us were members off the guild named opus dei were we leveled and talked and made a lot of fun. Until some of us had noticed we weren't getting anything done wit a guild master that was offline for more then 2 years.

That lead to making bigger notice of the fact that most players were lower then lv 20, longer then 1 month offline and when we did a raid we always missed someone who said they would come. As of that time we began to set up a back up plan named HORDE RESISTANCE.

splitting up 

Eventually came the day we were expecting, the day that opus main players broke up. We were done with the endless discussions and facts of stealing, so we all left. However not all went as planned.

hard times

When we split not all went as it needed 2 go. Some wend to find their own way others stayed. But there where a phew who resisted and refused to give up. KEVS, mageowned, trvya and heluwin didn't want to go separate ways and said well why don't we start over. so a new guild was founded and we all knew it was a long hard way before us but we set out not to become like opus and only aloud dedicated players to join. man that was an understatement to say it was going 2 be hard becouse we almost stopped and gave up but you know what they say after rain comes sunshine.

the reunion

after a while we fount that we where lacking payers and that we needed some others to aid us and what happened was unbelievable. we found some of our old comrades who left and were ether guild less or in an other one but thy all joined us becouse of the good times we had and we all wanted it back. now old aligns are reformed we call upon the powers of azeroth to defeat our foes and to clam what is our right as a faction of the horde. the power to reclaim our friendships and to lay wast the cities of our ethereal enemies so we say DEATH TO THE ALLIANCE AND DEATH TO THE SCURGE.

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